Shipping conditions

You can place an order from worldwide except New Zealand and Australia (because of their local laws). The package will shipping after payment, which works by PayPal. Delivery will done by your country’s local post.

Guarantee for live arrive

  • We can take guarantee fo the live arrive only inside the EU, and only for the queens not for the workers. If some workers dead during the stress of shipping, but the queen survived safely – we can’t take any guarantee because hopefully the queen will hatch new workers later.
  • If the queen dead during the shipping send a picture from the dead queen to certificate the loss. This way we can send another queen or colony from the same species, if we have them on stock. If we don’t have this species on stock, you can choose another colony in the same value, or we can pay you a refund.
  • If you can’t send picture from the loss we can’t take the live guarantee.

Shipping time

Package will arrive 3-6 workdays after it was sent.

Shipping costs

shipping cost 8€ worldwide.


Ants will shipping in plastic test tubes – for safety reasons. They have some water in the tubes, so they can survive the shipping, but we recommend to move and keep them in glass test tubes after receive.

If you have any questions about the item’s shipping please contact us on the e-mail.

Attention: shipping conditions and prices could changed by the MPL courier company. If this happens we will refresh the information on this site as soon as possible. 

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Personal receive in our physical shop in Dorog, Hungary