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Temnothorax unifasciatus

: 4 mm (monogyn)
🐜: 2,5 mm
🍽️: honey + insects + oilseeds
💧: 50 – 60%
🌡️: 21 – 28°C
❄️: November – March (5-8°C)


Temnothorax unifasciatus


Temnothorax species are quite small ant spieces,  they establish colony that consists of a few hundred of workers. Therefore, their habitat can be a small place as well, actually for their whole life. In the nature they live in little twigs, sticks, branches or under bark of trees. Theese species are good at climbing, so they can search for food  vertically too, and able to tolerate drought. Monogyn (only one queen), claustral species, usually, queens and workers are yellowish, have darker head, but their pattern can be different, it depens on the species . Keeping them is also recommended for beginners, but due to small size, they need special patience and care. We have to pay attention the formicarium’s smallest gaps to make it escape proof. And also, we have to be careful with water drops and liquid food. Workers are shy, try to avoid the conflict with other ants and insects. Their diet should contains dead insects only, because they never hunt for living pray. If nesessary  they defends themselves with their sting, but if it is possible, they  just try to escape, hide or crouch.

Food: Honey, and insects, sometimes little amount of oilseeds like walnut,hazelnut, sunflower seeds, to get all necessary nutrient.

Colony size: They multiply slowly, in the first year they grow up 3-10 workers only. In the second year, the workers number can reach 30-50. The mature colony consist of only a few hundred workers.

Hibernation: Recommended hibernation time lasts from the end of  November, to March,  on 5-8°C.
You can find more information about hibernation in this video.


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Weight 0.026 kg
Dimensions 16 × 1.6 × 1.6 cm
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