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Rhytidoponera metallica

: 8 mm (monogyn, primitive)
🐜: 4 – 4,5 mm
🍽️: honey + insects + seeds
💧: 60 – 70%
🌡️: 24 – 26°C
❄️: – 


Rhytidoponera metallica


This is a very spectacular, claustral, and monogynous (single queen) ant species, comes from Australia. Due to their beautiful look, metallic and greenish, purple blue color they are very popular. In wild, they make their nest into the soil, prefer high level of humidity. Some soil or sand is recommended to put into their enclosure, to increase the humidity. These ants unable to climb on glass or slippery surfaces, but they should not be kept in open formicarium, because it dries out easily. Queens need to be fed with segmented, dead insects once a week or every ten days. They like  sugared water and honey. Soft seeds also recommended, like nut, peanut, sesame seeds. Their bite is quite painful. The number of the workers in a mature colony can reach up to a few hundred. If the queen dies, they raise gamergates. These “smaller queens” can reproduce after fertilization.
This species is recommended for practiced ant keepers only! 

Food: Honey and insects.

Reproduction: The colony reproduces slowly, starts hardly, but by the third year, the number of the workers can reach up to a hundred. The mature colony consists of a few hundred, maybe a few thousand workers.

Hibernation: As a tropical species, they do not require hibernation.

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  1. Mr. G.

    The virgin queen are not so great at all…

  2. Molnár Benedek

    Nagyon jó hangya faj

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