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Pseudoneoponera rufipes

: 15-17 mm (primitive)
🐜: 15-17 mm
🍽️: honey + insects
💧: 60 – 80%
🌡️: 24 – 28°C
❄️: –


Pseudoneoponera rufipes


Previously, it was called Pachycondyla rufipes, but now its official name is Pseudoneoponera rufipes. It is a black-colored, large primitive ant species with reddish shades on their legs, their abdomen, mandibles. In nature, they make their nest into the soil, below the surface, and they build simple tunnel which contains only a few chambers. They require high humidity, so it is recommended to keep them in a natural formicarium with substrate (e.g., coconut fiber, soil, or peat) to retain moisture. Springtails and woodlice should be installed into the substrate to avoid the appearance of mites. They are not overly aggressive, although they do hunt live insects when the colony is large enough. They have an interesting ability. They can shoot a chemical substance, it is like some kind of foam, comes from their stingers. They use it for both offense and defense, or neutralize other insects. They cannot climb on slippery surfaces (glass or plexi), so it’s recommended to keep them in a closed terrarium to maintain the humidity of their enclosure. Open water is no problem for them; they can run on its surface.  Just like primitive species, -if the colony is working well-, they can develop gamergates. This species is recommended only for experienced ant keepers!

Food: With honey or other sweet foods (e.g., sugary water, honey water) and insects. They primarily consume dead insects, but occasionally they also hunt.

Colony size: Large workers develop quite slowly, require a lot of patience in their care! From egg to a mature worker can take up to 3 months.

Hibernation: This is a tropical ant species, so hibernation is not necessary.

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Dimensions 16 × 1.6 × 1.6 cm



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