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Prenolepis naoroji

: 6 – 8 mm (polygyn)
🐜: 3 – 4 mm
🍽️: honey + insects
💧: 50 – 60%
🌡️: 19-20°C
❄️: –


Prenolepis naoroji


So called “Winter ant”, because they prefer cool temperature. These ants are quite active on the ground in autumn and spring. In the summer heat, they hide deeply under the ground, and look for food in the soil. If the temperature is too high, they become passive and their metabolism slows down like in their hibernation period, so they should be kept in cool conditions. They are polygynous (multiple queens) and very similar to the real honeypot ants, which are from Afrika. Queen is brownish black, workers have yellow head, thorax and darker abdomen. Only one caste appears in the colony, but some workers able to store a large amount of fat in their giant abdomen. With this spare, they can survive difficulties and feed the brood.
Recommended for practised ant keepers only! 

Food: Honey and insects.

Reproduce: Raising the first generation is usually easy, the first 20-30 workers develop for 7-8 weeks. We have to pay more attention on the second generation, they need stable temperature and regularly feeding.

Hibernation: Do not require hibernation.

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