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Ponera coarctata

: 4 mm (polygyn)
🐜: 3 – 3,5 mm
🍽️: small insects (springtails)
💧: 60 – 80%
🌡️: 20 – 24°C
❄️: November – March (6-8°C)


Ponera coarctata


This is a rare, small, and polygynous ant species. They are semi-claustral ants, so it is important to feed the queen(s) from the beginning. They dig their nest into the soil, prefer high level of humidity. Their body is glossy black and longish, that makes them to move easily in the soil. Workers have quite small eyes, but they actually do not need good sight. They are predators, hunt for small insects, like springtails. Workers neutralize their prey with their stingers. They need some kind of soil to control humidity, we suggest coconut coir. Springtails also recommended because they are both serve as food, and formicarium cleaners. These live prays can be fed with organic waste or honey, that causes the growth of fungi, which is also a great food source for them. They can not climb on slippery surfaces, but it is recommended to keep them in closed enclosure, because they need humidity. Traditionary formicariums are not recommended for them.
Starting a colony is not that easy, we have little knowledge about them.
Recommended for practised ant keepers only! 

Food: Honey and insects.

Reproduce: The colony reproduces slowly at the beginning, starts difficulty, but they can reach their full size in the third year. The mature colony consists of 100 workers.

Hibernation: From the end of november to the beginning of March, at 5-8°C. For more information check this video.

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