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Lasius brunneus

: 8 mm (monogyn)
🐜: 3-4 mm
🍽️: honey + insects
💧: 50 – 60%
🌡️: 21 – 28°C
❄️: November – March (5 – 8 °C)


Lasius brunneus


This ant species can be found in wood or dead wood. They are claustral and monogyn (single queen). The number of the mature colony can reach up to several thousand. Workers are small (3-4 mm), their heads and thoraxes are reddish, abdomens are black. These ants can be found on trees and at the ground as well. They climb well, occasionally, they also create pathways to their food sources. Lasius species often live in symbiosis with aphids, which produce honeydew as food for ants. They protect their nest and food resources aggressively. Workers have strong mandibles, but they use their acid for defense as well. The expected lifespan of the queen is 5-10 years usually.

Food: Honey and insects.

Reproduction: Eggs require 6-8 weeks to become mature workers (depends on temperature). They reproduce quite fast, the colony can reach a few hundred workers by the second year.

Hibernation: At 5-8°C-on, from the end of November to the end of March.
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Weight 0.025 kg
Dimensions 16 × 1.6 × 1.6 cm
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