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Ectomomyrmex leeuwenhoeki

: 11 mm (monogyn)
🐜: 7,5 – 8 mm
🍽️: honey + insects
💧: 60 – 80%
🌡️: 24 – 28°C
❄️: –


Ectomomyrmex leeuwenhoeki


This is a large, soil-nesting, monogynous (single-queen) Asian ant species. With its semi-claustral colony foundation, the queen requires feeding with honey and chopped insects during the initial period. Their appearance is quite unique, with both the queen and the workers have slender bodies and matte black coloration. Besides their strong bite, they defend themselves and hunt with their powerful stingers. They require high humidity, so for the soil, we recommend coconut fiber or peat, which can keep moisture. Springtails and isopods can be installed into the soil to help prevent mite infestations. They consume chopped insects of any size, and should be fed with honey-water, sugar water, or honey-sugar water every 2-3 days. They cannot climb on glass and slippery surfaces, but due to their high humidity needs, they should not be kept in open terrariums, because these enclosures dry out more easily than fully enclosed ones. Starting a colony from a queen is challenging, and it is easier with a small team first. We still have limited knowledge about them, so they are not among to the easy-to-keep species! Recommended for experienced ant keepers!
Feeding: Honey and smaller insects.
Reproduction: The colony reproduces slowly at first, but by the third year, they may reach a mature size. At this point, the colony size is only about one hundred workers.
Hibernation: They do not require hibernation.

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