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Cryptopone ochracea

magyar neve: sárga vakondhangya
: 4 mm
🐜: 3,5 mm
🍽️: apró rovarok (pl: ugróvillás)
💧: 60 – 80%
🌡️: 20 – 24°C
❄️: November – Március (6-8°C)


Cryptopone ochracea


This rare, small-sized ant is nesting in the ground. Semi-claustral species, so the queen requires feeding at the begining of colony founding. They make their narrow tunnels into the soil, and they can move easily with their elongated, yellowish-brown bodies. Workers have tiny eyes, but good vision is unnecessary because of their underground lifetstyle. They are predators, their diet consist of hunted insects only, such as springtails. They paralyze their prey with their stinger. They require high humidity, recommended to use coconut coir or soil that keeps appropriate humidity. Install springtails (or possibly woodlice) into the soil, they can serve both as food and keep their place clean from mites and fungi. Besides, feed the springtails with organic waste and sugar or honey. These ants can not climb on glass or slippery surfaces, but due to their high humidity requirements, do not keep them in open terrariums. This ones are drying out more easily than fully enclosed ones. Keeping them in traditional formicariums is not recommended as well. Starting a colony is challenging with a queen, a bit easier with a smaller group, but we still have limited knowledge about them, so they are not belong to the easy-to-keep species! Recommended for experienced ant keepers only!

Feeding: Smaller insects (e.g., springtails)

Colony size: In the first year 5-12 workers, in the mature colony 200-300 workers are expected. Worker development from egg takes 70-80 days.

Hibernation: Recommended from late November to March at 5-8°C. More information on hibernation in this video.


Additional information

Weight 0.025 kg
Dimensions 16 × 1.6 × 1.6 cm
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