Crematogaster scutellaris


A very popular, active and spectacular South-European ant species. Their characteristic workers walks one by one on their pheromone trails, and they looks really cool with their red head. This species can build a chewed-wooden nest themselves similarly like the wasps. The colony grows really fast and they can live almost in any terrarium decoration which has a small space inside. They not aggressive, if someone attack them they react really smart. Stick up their abdomen, and spray some poison in the air – so they can solve these problems without any fights or worker-loss. If the enemy too strong they clever enough to escape.

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Crematogaster scutellaris establish independent monogynous colonies, but with the possibility of oligogyny (multiple queens are accepted by the workers in the colony, but the queens are aggressive among them).

They usually build their colonies mainly in stumps and fallen logs or dead branches. The nest are made with a mixture of chewed wood and humus. Between March and October workers collect and carry mainly sugary liquid substances and solid materials (remains of arthropods, small insects, etc. ).

This species is very prolific. The larvae hatch primarily in September and overwinter in the second stage, from November to February at about 10 °C. The following spring the third instar larvae develop, pupating in the summer. By mid to late summer the worker appear, while sexed individuals appear in late August.

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Keeping level

easy, medium


European species



Colony size

hundreds – few thousands, thousands

Worker castes

1 cast

Worker size



honey + insects






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