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Camponotus parius


: 13 mm (monogyn)
🐜: 5 – 10 mm (polymorf)
🍽️: honey + insects
💧: 50 – 70%
🌡️: 24 – 28°C
❄️: –


Camponotus parius


This ant species recommended for beginners, monogynous (single-queen),claustral, and polymorphic, it means they have three worker castes (minor, media, major). Their workers are robust, strong, and resilient. Both the queen and the workers are velvety black with silver-gold hairs covering their bodies, and the workers have shiny silver pattern on their abdomen. The pattern on the queen’s abdomen is slightly more gold- yellowish. They defend themselves with strong mandibles and acid spraying. They become more active and develop faster in warmer conditions. They establish colonies consisting of thousands of individuals. In case of danger, the workers alert their mates by tapping their heads. The queen’s expected lifespan can reach up to 10-15 years.

Food: With honey and insects.

Colony size: The colony initially reproduces slowly, raise 25-40 workers in the first year, but from the second year, they can reach a population of 100 workers. The colony is timid when they have few workers, but as they grow bigger and bigger, they become brave and aggressively guard their territory.

Hibernation: As a tropical ant species, they do not require hibernation, however, during the winter period, from December to February, the queen stops laying eggs. The colony do not need heat during this time; room temperature is recommended for them.

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Weight 0.025 kg
Dimensions 16 × 1.6 × 1.6 cm
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