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Camponotus ligniperda


: 17 mm
🐜: 8 – 17 mm (polymorph)
🍽️: honey + insects
💧: 50 – 60%
🌡️: 21 – 24°C
❄️: November – March (5-8°C)


Camponotus ligniperda


The Camponotus ligniperda is the largest ant species in Hungary! Its queen is quite large (17-18 mm) They are very impressive, resilient, and strong ants. This species is monogynous (single-queen) and claustral. They are more active in warmer environments, but they may become passive in excessively hot conditions. Workers have different sizes, (polymorphic) like minors, media, and majors. They typically make their nest in hills, cool forests, and along the edges of forests among rocks. Occasionally, their colonies can be found under fallen trees or inside trees. In addition to their strong mandibles, they defend themselves with acid. These ants are aggressive, and their bite is powerful, but they are not dangerous to humans (they cannot penetrate the human skin). As a resilient species, they can tolerate drier habitats as well. They establish colonies consisting of thousands of workers. Workers look for food both on the ground and on trees. The expected lifespan of the queen can reach up to 10-15 years.

Food: Honey and insects.

Reproduction: The colony reproduces slowly, they may raise 10-20 workers in the first year. However, by the second year, they can reach a population of 100 workers. The colony is timid when it has few workers, but as they reach several hundred, they become brave and aggressively defend their territory. A mature colony consists of several thousand workers.

Hibernation: At 5-8°C, from late November to late March.

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2 reviews for Camponotus ligniperda

  1. Kovács Viktor (verified owner)

    Nagyon látványos faj. Legkisebb rezzenésre rámozdulnak a dolgozok. A minorjai viszonylag gyorsan ki fejlődnek, de a mayorok már nagyon lassan.

  2. Lédig Márton

    szép hangyafaj nagyon látványos csak nagyon nehéz gyorsan költőrtetni

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