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Camponotus japonicus

Big sized asian ant species, the same sized and very similar to the Camponotus vagus. Polymorph, they has minor, media és major workers. They need only a few winter hibernation between 15 and 18 degrees during 3 month.


Camponotus japonicus


This is a large-sized Asian ant species, similar to Camponotus vagus. Monogynous (single-queen), claustral, polymorphic species, there are three worker castes (minor, media, major). Their workers are large, robust and strong. Camponotus japonicus has velvety black color, covered with silver hairs on its body. In addition to powerful mandibles, they defend themselves through acid spraying. These ants are aggressive, have strong bite, although they are not dangerous to humans (they can not penetrate the human skin). They can tolerate drier environments well. They become more active and develop faster in warmer conditions, but too much heat may make them to become passive. They establish colonies consisting of a few hundred to a few thousand workers, digging their nests into the soil, and workers are looking for food both at ground level and treetops. In case of danger, workers alert their companions by knocking with their heads. The expected lifespan of the queen can reach 10-15 years.

Feeding: Honey and insects.

Reproduction: The colony reproduces slowly in the beginning, they raise 10-20 workers in the first year, but from the second year, they can reach a population of 100 workers. As is typical of the Camponotus, the colony is shy when they only have a few workers, but as soon as they reach several hundred individuals, they become emboldened and aggressively guard their territory. The mature colony consists of a few hundred workers, but some sources mention that they can reach up to a few thousand workers.

Hibernation: They don’t require winter hibernation, only little rest period from November to February at room temperature.
More information about the winter hibernation in this video (Please turn on the English subtitle)

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  1. Barna Zsolt

    Látványos, nagy méretű faj. Elég élénkek és ijedősek. (Fényre és rezgésre is.) Elég gyorsan szaporodnak. “Használják” a különféle nagyobb testű rovarokat, de a kockacukrot is.

  2. Gellért

    imádom jó kező faj aktív nagyméretű

  3. Kovács Gellért

    Egyet értek Zsoltal

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