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Camponotus herculeanus


: 15 – 16 mm
🐜: 7 – 14 mm (polymorph)
🍽️: honey + insects
💧: 50 – 60%
🌡️: 21 – 24°C
❄️: November – March (5-8°C)


Camponotus herculeanus


The third-largest ant species in our country! It is a monogynous (single-queen), claustral ant species with reddish-brown thorax, black head, and black abdomen of its 7-13 mm workers. There are three castes, minor, media, and major. Majors have a stout, robust head. In addition to strong mandibles, they defend themselves by acid spraying. A resilient ant species, they can tolerate drier habitats well. They establish colonies consisting of thousands of workers. They make their nests into wood, but occasionally, their nests can be found under fallen trees. Aggressive ants, their bite is powerful, but they are not dangerous to humans (they cannot pierce the human skin). They become more active and develop faster in warmer conditions, but too much heat may make them to become passive. They are rare in our country, found only in higher mountains. The expected lifespan of the queen can reach 10-15 years.

Feeding: Honey and insects.

Colony size: The colony initially reproduces slowly, raising at most 10-20 workers in the first year, but by the third year, they can reach a population of 100 workers.

Hibernation: 5-8°C recommended, from late November to late March.

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Weight 0.025 kg
Dimensions 16 × 1.6 × 1.6 cm
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  1. Áron D (verified owner)

    Egy igazán erős szívós vaj,mely alig igényel törődést.
    Egyetlen hátránya,hogy nagyon lassan szaporodik de megéri a várakozást.
    Nekem még annyira sok dolgozóm nincs ezért kis félősek még de gondolom ha többen lesznek akkor bátrakká válnak.

  2. Ke Tianyi


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