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Aphaenogaster gibbosa

: 8 mm (monogyn)
🐜: 4 – 6 mm
🍽️: honey + insects + oil seeds
💧: 50 – 60%
🌡️: 21 – 28°C
❄️: November – February (15°C)


Aphaenogaster gibbosa


This species is monogynous (single queen) and claustral. The queen and the workers are both brownish black. Their posture is characteristic, they hold their abdomen with their two segmented petiole. They live in South Europe and North Africa. They make their nest into the soil, usually under stones. They need medium level of humidity. Workers look for food on the ground, sometimes on trees. They are known as “sneaky ant”, because in wild,  they lead sneaky lifestyle, they are active at night. They guard their territory aggressively. This species is easy to keep, recommended for beginners. They are active in dark, can be placed in the shade, because they do not require sun shine. The expected lifespan of the queen can reach up to 25 years!

Food: Besides honey and insect, they require oily seeds ( peanut, nut, sunflower seed etc. )  to provide all the nutrients. They prefer grass seed, poppy seed, and chia seed as well. Pay attention on grass seeds, buy only bio products!

Reproduction: The colony reproduces slowly, they may raise 30-40 workers in the first year. But by the second year, they may reach the population of 100 workers. The mature colony consists of several thousand workers. The offspring develop without pupa, so the pupal form is ant shaped and white.

Hibernation: At 15°C, from Novembert to February.
For more information, check this video.

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