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On our website, you can’t only buy ants, but also get information about ant species.

On our website, you can't only buy ants, but also get information about ant species.

That is why it also includes species that are currently or generally not available for purchase (for example, invasive species). When which species will be in stock is completely variable. It can vary seasonally, and it also depends on the world market situation, which is why with most species we do not know in advance when it will be back in stock.

Advanced search for beginners

For those who are just getting to know the world of antkeeping, we have created this search engine, which guides you through the entire decision process. It helps you to choose the ideal ant species, formicarium and tools, while you can learn many important things about this hobby and the most important needs of the beginner species.

Advanced search

For those who are already more familiar with the world of ants, we have created an advanced search engine in which you can filter the ant species in detail based on a number of different properties. We also created our database based on our own measurements for them, in which we share information about the sizes of local species and their comparisons.

Eco-friendly packaging!

AntSite considers sustainability and the protection of our environment very important! That’s why our packaging consists of 98% recycled materials, excluding the adhesive tape, envelope and addressing! Thus, the boxes, the packaging and the space filler materials are all made from recycled materials!


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